Community Clean-up Day!

By Kareem Tawadros | May 9, 2024
Save the date! Community clean-up is this Saturday, meeting at the pool at NOON 12 PM. If you can’t join us then, you can still help with clean-up and possibly win pizza!
We are hosting the Spring Cleanup during May 10-12 weekend for all Union Mills residents!
Starting Friday, May 10th through Sunday, May 12th we will have large dumpsters on site for trash at the Pool House parking lot. No flammable materials of course and also no electronics. See details below on how to recycle electronics or how to dispose household hazardous waste which is not accepted here.
Excluded waste: Do not deposit the following items into the dumpsters: tires, paint, motor oil, radioactive, volatile, corrosive, flammable, explosive, biomedical, toxic,
or hazardous materials as defined by applicable federal, state, provincial and local laws or regulations. If any of the excluded waste is found the load will be considered contaminated and HOA will be charged for additional transportation and disposal of contaminated loads and/or loads rejected from the disposal site. Please help us be able to host this event again by following all requested guidelines.
Check out for additional limitations.
Useful information on recycling:
the closest electronics recycling center is at BestBuy in Fair Lakes. Note that not all electronics are accepted (e.g. microwaves not accepted due to hazardous material). See details here:
I-66 Transfer Station on West Ox is another recycling center. See details here:
COMMUNITY CLEANUP Saturday May 11th NOON 12 pm
Community Cleanup Day, Saturday May 11th -NOON 12 PM Meet at the pool house. Celebrate Earth Day (April 22) and Arbor Day (April 26) and help clean up our community.
Over the years, this volunteer event has been a huge success. Come on out, meet a few more of your neighbors and help us for a couple of hours.  Gloves, bags and pick-up tools will be provided for you. Be sure to wear long-sleeve shirts and pants, as some of the areas will be in the fringe of the woods where people throw their plastic water bottles and other trash from the paths.
Middle and High School residents who need service hours are welcome to help prepare for and participate in leading the event to earn service hours.
Clean Up the Community and Earn Your Dinner as a Reward!
If everyone in the community will help out by doing some trash pick-up throughout the community, it will be clean & glorious in no time! Send pictures of your family clean-up to [email protected] by May 12th to be entered for a pizza dinner for you & your family!
This clean-up event requires a large investment in volunteering, along with utilizing HOA funds. Please utilize the dumpster appropriately and do NOT leave items alongside the dumpster.
The HOA had to spend extra money at last events to clean up the items left in the parking lot and from overflowing the dumpsters. There are signs that clearly indicate not to utilize a dumpster once it is filled and to not leave items in parking lot.
This great event means we need cars moved from the pool parking lot.
We must leave room for the dumpster Friday May 10th – Sunday May 12th, along with access for people to drop off their items. No parking in the yellow area these days. Please note that Google Maps image says Harrier Dr but it’s actually pool parking lot on Ruddy Duck Rd.